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Galidor's Artist Manifesto

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 10, 2014, 11:13 PM
I leave you my manifesto , feel free to comment on your opinion or share any experiences C;

There is a Creator that has given us the ability to imagine and co-create with Him

We have this excellent gift to create things and show them as they are in our minds, we can make people travel to the worlds inside our imagination, get them to see new things or usual things from a new perspective.
This is the most important thing for me, to use my God-given gift of creativity and exploit it in as many ways as I possibly can, from drawing, to sculpture, singing and writing.

Everything can be used as inspiration for creating art, even if it is negative or positive

Any experience, thought, circumstance, idea, or action, can give  valuable input to create. Going on a nature hike, walking down the streets, swimming, horseback riding, you name it! Even if that memory hurts, a breakup for example, can be used as artistic material in a song or a painting. Don’t be limited to the standard “creative” things, use all you have!


Observation leads to understanding

StopStare. Grasp all that makes something useful, unique or functional. Analyze every detail, nook and cranny. Find reference for what you want to draw, learn the anatomy of animals,humans or objects , differentiate between the species of trees, learn from the world around you, how the light hits an object in a certain time of day, or how the shadows look on them. Be attentive towards the movement of things, a ball, a bike, a human walking, or a dog running. Everything in motion can be represented if we observe and learn.

Inspiration can come in the least likely moments

In the shower, while you are shopping, when you are about to go to sleep, or when you least expect it. Write down your ideas as soon as they come to you, they might just disappear after a few moments. If you feel inspiration wane, don’t worry, it’s completely normal and it happens to everyone. Always replenish your “creative juice” by going outside, or reading something inspiring, and then nobody will be able to stop you from creating new things!


Everybody has imagination, they just need to use it

Yes, this is true. The phrase is “I don’t have imagination, I’m just not a creative person” is a complete LIE. Everybody has imagination, even the smallest of children and the older person in the world. They can imagine so many different things and never put them to use, or create masterpieces with those imaginative thoughts, you never know. The purpose of imagination, is to use it.


Don’t fear the Artist Block, overcome it!

I understand the fear that comes to mind every time someone mentions the Artist block ; that terrible moment in your creative life when you feel stuck and useless, incapable of making anything worth something and you even start comparing yourself to others, just to make yourself feel worse about your art. Well, DON’T. Stop the comparisons, everybody has a different and unique style in whatever they do, writing, drawing, singing. Instead of fearing that massive block of uselessness, admire and adapt what you like from other people’s art and use it in yours!


To be a professional, you must practice, at least once a day

Once a day, you read correctly. Or more, if that makes you happy. Try 5 times a week if it is difficult to practice so much. Trust me, the results will show, maybe not from one day to the other, but with the passing of time, you will see your style change and evolve into something new each time, and then you will be inspiring others to do the same! It took me 14 years to become a better artist and to inspire others, and I still have a long way to go! Here is a very simple thing to remember –> PRO = Practice , reference, observation

Never give up on your dreams ,and dream big. You don’t know when they might come true

You are the only person who can give up their dreams, forget them and leave them there in a desolate place where no one would look to find them. Dream big, don’t be scared! I believe there is a God who is ready to give you what you dream of, if you put it in his hands and do your best to follow them.


Accept a good critique and learn from your mistakes, that’s a fast way to improve

I know this is hard, and I also know, that it is possible. Don’t be scared of critique, and never take it personal, you will only get hurt like that. Listen to advice, improve what you can, and don’t be afraid to disagree on something the person has said. Defend your opinion, but be wise enough to modify or change it too. Chances are, the fast road to improvement is through the bumpy road of a good critique.


Hold on to your values and reflect them on what you do

Make art that will send a good message, don’t waste talent making hurtful songs or spend it by tarnishing other’s reputation. This might be only my opinion, but words have power, art has power, use them wisely.


Read, it is wonderful to go to different worlds without moving

You don’t need a car, plane or boat to travel to distant lands and fantastical places, you can do it all just sitting down! You will meet interesting characters, feel angry at some and friendly towards others, you will learn and reflect on what they do and,  perhaps get better at your writing while you read!


Write, make yourself a part of a different world, write from your heart and mind

Put a little of yourself, or your whole soul, into a story. Make it with a friend for the added benefit of a close friendship. Write anything, be free! This will be a reflection of yourself, and you can learn a lot about who you are with this.

   Whatever happens, never give up


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